Our Leadership

Orlando Valdes

Orlando Valdes | Founder CEO

Orlando Valdes, the Founder and CEO of Ventura Holdings Group (VHG), has successfully unified diverse industries including home improvement, hospitality, recycling, and real estate under the VHG banner. Known for his hands-on approach, Orlando is a constant presence across the various companies, where he actively provides management teams with insightful guidance and robust support.


Gladys Valdes

Gladys Valdes | Founder President

Gladys Valdes, the Founder and President of VHG, stands out as a creative and visionary leader with a particular affinity for design and décor. Her uncompromising standards have led to the remarkable success of the group’s hotel renovations as well as the creation of a thriving home décor and lighting business.

Claudia Valdes

Claudia Valdes | President of Hotels

Claudia Valdes supervises VHG’s hospitality sector. Working closely with Gladys, she plays an instrumental role in shaping the unique offerings and superior customer experience at the Design Shop by Shell, a premier home décor and lighting establishment.

Cleiton Castillo

Cleiton Castillo | Chief Financial Officer

As the person responsible for overseeing all operations and finances within VHG’s extensive home improvement and building supply branches, Cleiton Del Castillo ensures that the businesses, including Shell Lumber and Hardware and KLI Shell Lumber, maintain solid financial footing. A seasoned CPA, Cleiton’s expertise is vital in managing all financial matters for these units.


Jaime Calaf

Jaime Calaf | Vice President

With a background of legal and HR experience, Jaime Calaf manages a broad spectrum of responsibilities for VHG. He oversees all Human  Resources, legal matters, regulatory compliance, and banking relationships, ensuring that VHG’s operations run smoothly and in accordance with all legal standards. Additionally, Jaime leads the team for the internal digital marketing department, e-commerce platforms, and recycling operations, contributing to the overall growth and innovation within the group.