Our Beginnings

In 1977, Miami Florida, Orlando and Gladys Valdes embarked on an inspiring journey. Both came from families with a rich history of entrepreneurship, having owned and operated businesses for generations.

Both families left Cuba due to the Castro Revolution and arriving in the United States. Orlando’s family created a thriving international paper and printing company in Cuba, involving various members of the family. When they reached Miami, they started their lives anew, leaving everything behind in Cuba and building a likewise international paper business from scratch. The company found success in Miami building offices in New York City, expanding its reach to other states and even Mexico DF City.

With their strong entrepreneurial spirits, Orlando and Gladys decided to venture out on their own, therefore the begining of their real estate investments. During this period, Gladys managed a travel agency with her sister at the port of Miami, while Orlando earned his doctorate degree as a clinical psychologist. He had a thriving private practice and also worked in the Public School system alongside with the Court system as well.

Their real estate journey began with their first investment—a charming apartment building in Miami Beach with 16 units. Encouraged by their initial success, they pressed forward with another venture, acquiring a second apartment building boasting 22 units.
This marked the beginning of a fruitful and rewarding journey that would shape their future in the world of real estate.

Not content to rest, they continued to expand their portfolio, acquiring more properties in the Miami Beach and Hollywood area. If you would like to read more about their journey see our timeline.