Ventura’s Timeline

In approximately 1977, Orlando and Gladys tied the knot, coming from families with a long history of owning and operating their own businesses. Inspired by their entrepreneurial backgrounds, they decided to venture into the realm of realty investments. During this period, Gladys managed a travel agency at the port of Miami, while Orlando worked as a clinical psychologist at the Miami Courts and Public Schools.

Their journey into real estate began with their first investment—a charming apartment building in Miami Beach comprising 16 units. Encouraged by their initial success, they moved forward with a second venture, acquiring another apartment building boasting 22 units. Not content to stop there, they continued to expand their portfolio by acquiring a third property, a cozy building with 4 units. Their dedication to realty investments marked the beginning of a fruitful and rewarding journey that would shape their future in the world of real estate.

The Realty Venture Begins


After the successful sale of two buildings, we proudly acquired the splendid Delores Apart Hotel, featuring 30 elegant and luxurious units. Located along the prestigious Collins Avenue in Miami Beach, this hotel holds a remarkable history of hosting top models from the prestigious Ford model agency during their visits to South Florida. Delores Apart Hotel, renowned for its captivating Art Deco style, also had the honor of being featured in the iconic movie “Ace Ventura” starring the talented Jim Carrey. Our new acquisition stands as a testament to timeless elegance and cherished moments in the heart of Miami Beach.

Delores Hotel


Having completed two significant real estate deals, the travel agency was handed down to a relative, allowing us to dedicate our time and efforts to the exciting task of fixing, renovating, and decorating our recent acquisitions. These two new properties happened to be assisted living facilities – The Pointe in North Gables purchase in 1997 and Midtown Manner in Miami in 2001.

The transition proved to be a fruitful move, as both facilities thrived under our management. The business quickly reached its full capacity, witnessing a remarkable increase from a mere 20 residents to over 100 in each location. The success of these ventures not only brought us a sense of fulfillment but also enabled us to make a positive impact on the lives of numerous individuals seeking comfortable and supportive living arrangements.

Assisting Living Facilities


Embarking on a new venture, the family made a significant investment by acquiring the Ocean Way Hotel, a prime beachfront property in Miami Beach. Following meticulous efforts in fixing, renovating, and adorning the hotel, it was seamlessly integrated into “The Choice” hotel chain.

The family’s dedication and vision have transformed the Ocean Way Hotel into a prized addition to “The Choice” brand, solidifying their position in the hospitality industry and promising a prosperous future ahead.

Ocean Way Hotel


The Hotel Eva, situated in the heart of Miami Beach, underwent a remarkable transformation when it was acquired, meticulously renovated, and tastefully decorated. With a keen eye for design and a commitment to excellence, the hotel quickly thrived under new ownership, operating successfully for three prosperous years. Building upon its newfound success, the decision was made to sell the Hotel Eva, a testament to the exceptional investment and management skills demonstrated during its tenure.

Hotel Eva


During their visit to the Orquid House, the Valdes family instantly fell in love with it, captivated by its charm. Once known as The Mansion, this magnificent property boasted five bedrooms, a breathtaking backyard, a grand staircase, a luxurious sauna, and a chef’s kitchen, all adorned in splendid Spanish style. The place served as a hub for numerous cocktail parties, attracting international diplomats and a plethora of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Shakira, Madonna, Enrique Iglesias, Pitbull, and CeeLo Green, among others who enjoyed their stays there.

Over time, the interior underwent some slight redecoration, enhancing its allure even further. Additionally, the outdoor landscape received a marvelous makeover with the addition of exquisite orchids, wildflowers, and tropical ferns. The combination of these natural elements added a touch of wonder to the already enchanting atmosphere.

After four remarkable years of cherished memories and delightful experiences, the Orquid House found new owners and began a new chapter in its illustrious history.

The Orquid House


During the process of renovating and enhancing the investment properties, a continuous requirement for hardware and home improvement materials arose. This led to the decision to acquire Shell Lumber, a store with a rich history dating back to 1928 and nearly a century of service to South Florida. This established store provided a favorable opportunity, and its name remained unchanged.

Shell Lumber and Hardware


The iconic Motel Blue purchase in 2014 and the Ramada hotel in 2015 proved to be lucrative ventures, thriving for a remarkable three and four years, respectively. Their success culminated in simultaneous sales, with new hotels on the horizon. Both boasting an art deco charm and being situated just steps away from the mesmerizing Ocean…

Motel Blu and Ramada Hotel


The iconic Motel Blue purchase in 2014 and the Ramada hotel in 2015 proved to be lucrative ventures, thriving for a remarkable three and four years, respectively. Their success culminated in simultaneous sales, with new hotels on the horizon. Both boasting an art deco charm and being situated just steps away from the mesmerizing Ocean…

Motel Blu and Ramada Hotel


The Henrosa was built in 1935, originally called Biarritz Hotel. Recognized by the Miami Beach Architectural District 1979 and Miami Design Preservation League, in addition to Art Deco Historical Preservation. Acquired in 2014, this historic building underwent renovations and redecoration for all 40 rooms and open to the public ever since.

The Cavalier was designed by architect Roy F. France in 1936 as a masterpiece of the Art Deco movement. After extensive restorations to this once famous property it has re-opened with an updated twist to its Art Deco beauty, without compromising its original architectural integrity. The

Cavalier Hotel maintains its original exterior facade of bright pastel colors in an Art Deco design, but contains new and updated rooms with their own eclectic features also decorated by Gladys and Claudia Valdes. Claudia Valdes oversees both the Henrosa and the Cavalier hotels.

Henrosa and Cavalier Hotels


In 2017, Shell Lumber acquired the KLI hardware store situated in Key Largo, Florida. Operating as an additional Shell Lumber branch, it has continued to serve the entire Key Largo area ever since.

KLI Shell Lumber & Hardware


Ventura E-commerce Solutions was initially established as an online extension of Shell Lumber, with the aim of expanding the reach of the home improvement business across the entire nation, while also providing online shopping options for customers throughout South Florida. The launch included Supreme DIY, catering to business-to-consumer transactions, and MRO Supreme, which was introduced as an online business-to-business store.

Ventura E-comerce Solutions


Design Shop originated as an extension of Shell Lumber, prompted by the realization that customers’ interests extended beyond just vanities and interior/exterior lighting to encompass home decor and design. In addition to these, the store proudly showcases furniture and wall art sourced from high-end luxury brands.

Design Shop by Shell


Recognizing the increasing significance of sustainability and environmental awareness, Orlando Valdes embarked on a journey into recycling and repurposing construction, demolition, and horticultural waste. This endeavor led to the acquisition of Collier Recycling Center in Naples, Florida, signifying a substantial investment in employing cutting-edge machinery to accomplish these goals.

Collier Recycling Services